About us

Technology, quality, safety, and commitment

Being your trusted technological partner for the most demanding machining projects is our driving force.

Our experience has positioned us a leading player in the machining sector and heat sinking. For more than 35 years we have developed machinery in different materials for the most technically demanding industrial sectors. Furthermore, we are specialists in the design and production of heatsinks.

Our extensive experience in defence, aeronautics, aerospace, communications, health, and wider industry provides the added value demanded by our clients. We develop everything from pieces according to drawing to custom prototypes.

We constantly update our technical capacities and adapt to the demands of the market and our clients to provide specific solutions tailored to all projects.

Our Team

We have highly qualified, vastly experienced staff who provide our clients with the best solution.

Our staff have extensive experience of the most demanding projects in all areas, from production to quality control. Technology and the continuous adoption of new techniques and materials make Temaxel a safe bet for the delivery of the best solution in any material for all requirements. We are fully client-focused, which means we can provide technical assistance, consultancy, and reliable development, whilst ensuring the best, most cost-effective solutions.

Our facilities

We have seven machining centresfor different requirements and other machines that satisfy our clients’ needs. We have machining centres with different sized beds up to 1700 x 700mm and 2500 x 520mm.

From the very beginning Temaxel has grown to be able to deliver its clients the highest quality precision machining. Our range of equipment and machinery includes our production department’s machining centres. The quality department also uses the latest technology to ensure precision and quality in our work.